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Appalachian Road Show combines the award-winning talents of lead singer and banjoist Barry Abernathy, tenor singer and mandolinist-extraordinaire Darrell Webb, grammy award winning fiddler Jim VanCleve, and legendary upright bassist, Todd Phillips. On guitar is Zeb Snyder, who has garnered several guitar championships at a very young age. The group seeks to honor the music, traditions and history of the great Appalachian people, as much as it does to forge its own fresh musical trails. Each endeavor is infused with an authenticity and vitality borne of their Appalachian roots. Come join us for a spell. 



  • Aug29 The Station Inn, Nashville, TN The Station Inn
  • Aug30 Sam Jam, Piketon, Oh Sam Jam
  • Aug31 Woodstown, NJ. Delaware valley BGF Delaware valley BGF
  • Sep18 Bean Blossom BGF Bean Blossom BGF
  • Sep19 Kodak, TN Dumplin valley BGF
  • Sep20 Sep21 Walnut Valley Festival Winfield,KS Walnut Valley Festival Winfield,KS

New Album

  1. Intro
  2. Little Black Train
  3. Dance, Dance, Dance
  4. Broken Bones
  5. Milwaukee Blues
  6. Georgia Buck
  7. Piney Mountains
  8. Old Greasy Coat
  9. Anna Lee
  10. Oh Lovin’ Babe
  11. I am just a pilgrim

New Video


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